Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thanks, Hockeydad!

I recently recieved a really great (and very thorough) PM from user Hockeydad55, over in Yuku, from the Dave Koch PC Action Sports forums. He took the time to go through each and every one of my teams, and had some really good questions and potentially interesting discussion starters about several players on each. I'd like to re-post some of his message here, and then re-post the sections about each team in the comments section, under their appropriate teams.

(BTW... If you've never checked out Dave Koch Sports and their line of PC Action Sports Strategy games, give them a look! Their baseball simulation is far and away the best I've ever seen!)


Hello 4F.

I am always working on all time teams for all the sports. Just
something I like to do, often with ambitions to do something with replays with
it but never seem to get that far. Though, I just got the DKS baseball game and
their Franchise All Stars disk, and think it's not too far off with some
adjustments from making for a good replay disk. Anyway, definitely liked what
you did and spent a lot of time checking it out and comparing to mine as well as
the DKS Franchise All Stars disk. Since you based it strictly on WAR ratings for
career with team, it did benefit some who simply spent a lot of years with the
team. But all in all I thought the teams were pretty decent.

Some thoughts / comments for each team:

[This section broken up and posted (or will be) under each team]

Generally I liked your teams. I could go into even more of our differences, but didn't want to get too carried away here. Generally we agree pretty well. I have also researched and tried to choose three best seasons for the players on my teams with a desire to make a FAS disk averaging their three best years (since some best seasons don't represent the player very well, such as with Norm Cash and Wade Boggs). Probably about 80% done on "best three seasons" selections. But, would take a lot of time to build such a disk.

Anyway, that's plenty for now.



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  1. Thanks, 4F! We'll definitely be talking further ...

    -- hockeydad55