About Me

I was born a Red Sox fan, and unfortunately that means I'm going to die one.  My father was at the "Bucky Dent Game" in 1978.  (His ticket stub from that game is shown below - I keep it in my baseball card album.)  My christening into Red Sox Nation (although it wasn't called that at the time) came in 1986, just a week or so after calling Dave Henderson's dramatic home run in the '86 ALCS, the kind of thing my Father told me "doesn't happen for the Red Sox," watching Calvin Schiraldi fall apart like a kid who forgot to study for his algebra test, Bob Stanley throw a wild pitch, and Bill Buckner commit the most unfortunately timed error in the history of the game. (1988, '90, '95, '98, '99, and 2003 were no picnic either!)  And while three World Championships since then have gotten me over all that, 1986 was the year I first started following baseball though, so that team will always have a special place in my memories.

My favorite player growing up was Jim Rice, but sadly I only got to see him for one good year before age and injury caught up with him.  I totally understand why it took so long for him to get into the Hall of Fame, and why so many still say he doesn't belong, but I'm happy he finally made it.

Over the years, I've also lived in Yankees/Mets territory, the Orioles market and, currently, Tigers country.  (Well, Red Wings country, to be honest about it, but this is strictly a baseball blog!)  I've always had an affinity for all my hometown teams - which is a lot easier now that the Tigers are no longer in the Red Sox division... memories of '88 die hard LOL - but I will always be, first and foremost a Red Sox fan.  Growing up, I also had close friends who were Braves fans, Cubs fans, Royals Fans, Pirates Fans, Reds Fans and Angels fans. So consequently I've spent a lot of time talking about the histories, triumphs and struggles of many different teams. 

As I am fond of telling people, when I first meet them: I have an interest in Baseball that borders on mental illness. LOL

Above: My Dad's ticket stub from the 1978 American League East Playoff Game against the New York Yankees. There's a story behind why he wrote the date on the ticket in ball point pen after the Game.  you see... The Red Sox had to win their last seven games in a row to force the playoff.  So no one expected that game would ever even happen. And it wasn't decided until the day before where it would be played: at Yankee or Fenway. So the Red Sox had basically one day to come up with almost thirty-three thousand tickets, so with no time to plan, they ended up using replacement stubs without even the date printed on them! So he figured that would be a good way to commemorate this historical (yet for him, miserable) day in Baseball history that he got to participate in.  (And yes, it's goes without saying that my Father was not a Baseball Card collector at the time. *sigh*  LOL)