Saturday, January 1, 2011

2016 Los Angeles and California Angels of Anaheim All-Time All-Stars

Classic Angels Teams


  1. from Hockeydad55:

    California: What about Don Baylor? Ben Molina and Fred Lynn are also a couple that I thought would've made it. btw, Knoop, Carew, and K-Rod don't include their WAR ratings on your site.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about Knoop, Carew, and K-Rod's missing WAR. I've fixed that.

    I always hate leaving off an MVP winner, and particularly one as admirable a sportsman as Baylor. But his WAR was just 6.5 in his 6 years there, despite a fairly decent 118 *OPS+. Now... the lowest OF'er right now is Torii Hunter, at 11.0 WAR. And he's still active, so that's likely to go up. Also, since Baylor is a LF-DH, (and there's only one DH allowed on a team) he'd also have to beat out DH-LF Chili Davis, at 11.2. (The next guy up, after Hunter, as it turns out.) Now... it's probably worth mentioning that on a purely offensive basis, Baylor is at 10.8 oWAR, just behing Hunter, at 11.4. But, as an Outfielder, defense KILLS Baylor, penalizing him -4.3 dWAR and knocking him down, behind the likes of Bobby Bonds (6.9), Leon Wagner (7.3), Frank Robinson (8.3), Mickey Rivers (8.9), and Fred Lynn (10.3); who was the next OF, behind Hunter. So... ironically, Baylor would have ranked higher if he'd never put on a Glove, but he still wouldn't have made the team - he just would have been MUCH closer.

    Lynn was VERY close, and was actually / technically ON the team (assuming it would have existed) prior to 2010, when Hunter passed him.

    Molina (7.0) is just behind Lance Parrish (7.3) who's the next Catcher behind Boone (10.6.) Considering Molina's career so far, after leaving the LAA, it's unlikely that he would have caught up to Boone by now. He'd have probably passed Parrish though, and could potentially be a fairly close call. He's also hampered by the fact that Brian Downing (LF-C, 37.7) is taking up a Catcher's slot, to make room for another Outfielder, who had a higher WAR than Parrish or Molina. If Molina had beaten out the last Outfielder (and Parrish) he'd be on the team, with Downing in an OF slot instead.