Roster Spots



Position players are selected based on career WAR, and selected such that each team has at least three qualifying players at each position. Outfielders are considered interchangeable: Each team will still have nine of them, but only one will have to be a bonafied Left-, Center- and Right Fielder. The other six can come from any of the Outfield positions.

Players will be assigned to the position they were most associated with, unless their BEST season came in a secondary position, and the alternatives at that position are relatively weak.  It's a judgement,but that said, I no longer plan to put players at odd positions (Craig Biggio at Catcher, Yogi Berra in Left Field) unless there is a damned good reason to do so. (Like Miguel Cabrera winning the triple crown while playing THIRD Base instead of First.)


A career DH can still be selected, assuming they have sufficient WAR to rank.

A team can only have one DH on the Roster and he will be listed at his secondary position.  His card MAY show him at that position if he played significant time there. (Like Frank Thomas starting at 1B for SEVERN YEARS in Chicago, and having his best years at 1B.)


Pitchers will be selected by order of WAR regardless of whether they are a starter or a Reliever, but each team must include at least one TRUE reliever. (More relief appearances than starts, and their best season(s) in Relief.)

Additional relief pitchers may also be added at my discretion. but they must be taken in order of WAR, and will take the place of the lowest ranked starter(s).