Sunday, September 9, 2012

ESPN Sports Century's Video

Following is my best stab at compiling a list of the athletes that appeared in the video I posted from ESPN's Sports Century, featuring the best sports footage of the 20th Century.  I think I did a fair job, but there are still a lot of unknowns and uncertainties that I've marked with '?'s.

If anyone can fill in some of those blanks, or correct any errors I've made, I'd greatly appreciate it.

----------------THE LIST-----------------
?; Magic Johnson, Larry Bird; ?; The Gashouse Gang, 1934 Cardinals (?); Jessie Owens
(Soft Music)
Jim Thorpe; Ty Cobb; ?; ?; Babe Didrikson; Joe Louis; Negro League All-Stars (?); ?; James Naismith; Jessie Owens; ?; Bill Russell, Boston Celtics (?); Jack Johnson; ?; Jackie Robinson; ?; Jockeys(?); WTF is this?; Johnny Unitas; ?; Joe Louis, Max Schmeling (?); Maple Leafs, Stanley Cup (?); ?; Joe Louis; Babe Ruth
Murders at the 1972 Summer Olympics; Earthquake at the 1989 World Series; Nancy Kerrigan; Muhammad Ali; Superbowl Shuffle (1985 Bears) (ugh!); John McEnroe; Lou Gehrig's farewell speech;
(Music Start)
Michael Jordan; Steve Yzerman; ?; George Foreman, Joe Frazier; Bobby Thompson (1951);
(First verse)
Jim Brown; Bill Russell; ?; Roger Maris; Pistol Pete Maravich; Len Bais; Florrence Griffith Joyner; Roberto Clemente; ?; Donnie Moore; Wilt Chamberlain; Payne Stewart; Walter Payton (x11); ?; Greg Louganis; Bo Jackson; Barry Sanders; Roberto Alomar spitting on John Hirschbeck John Hirschbeck John HirschbeckJohn Hirschbeck; Dennis Rodman; Mary Decker, Zola Budd (1984 Summer Olympics);George Brett (1983 Pine Tar Incident); John Havlicek (1965 Eastern Conference Finals); Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson, Isiah Thomas, (1987 Eastern Conference Finals);
(2nd Verse)
?; ?; Babe Ruth; ?; [Fools:] Bobby Knight; Woody Hayes; [Sages:]?; Tom Landry; ?; Vince Lombardi; ?; Scotty Bowman; Joe Paterno; Tom Landry; ?; Lance Armstrong; Stephie Graf; Randy Johnson; Carl Lewis; Richard Petty; ?; Isaiah Thomas;
Joe Montana; Rickey Henderson; Mark Messier; ?; Bjorn Borg; Bill Mazerowski (1960 World series); Tony Hawk; ?; ?; Bart Star; Kirby Puckett; ?; Jerry Rice; ?; Barry Bonds; ?; ?; Gale Sayers; Ernie Banks; ?; ?; Andre Agassi; Bill Buckner (1986 World Series); Rocky Marciano; Mario Lemeux; Cal vs. Stanford, 1982; Jerome Lane (x2);
(2nd Chorus)
?; ?; Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa (1998 All-Star Game); ?; John Elway; Ozzie Smith; ?; ?; ?; Emmett Smith; Reggie Jackson; (?) Blackhawks (?); ?; ?; O.J. Simpson; O.J. Simpson's White Ford Bronco; Mike Tyson; ?; ?; Carlton Fisk (1975 World Series); ?; John Riggins; ?; ?; Michael Johnson; Cynthia Cooper; Willie Mays (1954 World Series); ?; Mike Spitz; ?; Franco Harris; Michael Jordan (x4); jack Nicklaus; Nolan Ryan; Lynn Swan; Mary Lou Retton (1984 Summer Olympics); ?; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Babe Ruth (x4); ?; ? ; ?; Chris Webber; ?; ?; ?, Michael Jordan; Chargers (?); Wade Boggs; ?; ?; Dick Butkis; (Secretariat?); Lou Gehrig; Julius Irving; ?; Marshall Faulk; Dale Earnhart; ?; Brandi Chastain; ?; ?; Wayne Gretsky (x4); Muhammad Ali (x10, 1996 Summer Olympics, George Foreman); Magic Johnson; Joe DiMaggio, Ted Wiliams; ?; ?; Tommie Smith (1968 Summer Olympics); Brett Farve; Pete Rozelle; ?
Doug Flutie; Wayne Gretsky; Kirk Gibson (1988 World Series); Christian Laetner; USA Hockey Team (1980 Winter Olympics)
(3rd Chorus)
Joe Carter (1993 World Series); Don Shula; Larry Bird; Pete Sampras; ?; Tiger Woods; ?; Joe DiMaggio (1941); Joe Namath; Desmond Howard; Wayne Gretsky; ?; ?; Cal Ripken; Mario Lemeux; Don Larsen, Yogi Berra (1956 World Series); ?; Hank Aaron;  Bobby Orr (?); Jim Brown; Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain; Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris; Michael Jordan; Babe Ruth; Muhammad Ali

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Sports AMV Ever


My Dad just emailed this to me.  OMG.  Amazing work, whoever put it all together. 

A MUST watch: