Saturday, January 1, 2011

2016 Baltimore Orioles and St. Louis Browns All-Time All-Stars

Classic Orioles Teams:


  1. From Hockeydad55:

    Baltimore: Too bad it's strict WAR, because I believe Cuellar should definitely make the team over Blaeholder (and they are so close!). What about Jack Tobin ... how close was he?

  2. I'll take your opinion on Cuellar as a vote for the #1 option then? Yeah, I definitely could see going with Cuellar as well. I'm surprised that he was actually tied with Boddicker in WAR. Cuellar had 8 years on the team, and an *ERA+ of 110 in 2028.1 Innings pitched. Boddicker had 8.5 years on the teams and had an *ERA+ of 109 over just 1273.2 Innings pitched. Those two stats alone would seem to heavily favor Cuellar. Also, while it doesn't figure into WAR, Cuellar had four 20-Win seasons to Boddicker's one. So... yeah, I could see dropping OLSON to add Cuellar.

    As for dropping BLAEHOLDER... Won't happen. It IS a bit of a head-scratcher though, because Blaeholder pitched 9.5 years on the Browns, with an *ERA+ of just 102 over 1631 innings. I'm surprised that an *ERA+ of just 102 would rack up WAR that quickly. (And in fewer Innings than Cuellar!) And while the lousy TEAM had a lot to do with it, Blaeholder also had a losing record overall. I like WAR, but I might have to look into this one more closely. This one does seem a bit... odd.

    Tobin was in the ballpark, but not really CLOSE. The Outfield, in general, tends to be pretty tough to crack. He had a WAR of 13.3 with the Browns and the lowest rated OF'er was Buford with 19.0. BUT bewteen Tobin and Buford were thriteen players, including: B.J. Surhoff (16.7), Merv Rettenmund (16.4) and Gary Roenicke (15.6). There may have been another Outfielder or two, but those were the three I immediately recognized as such.

  3. Your WAR includes post 1993 years when Gregg was not playing for Baltimore. His WAR with Balt. was 11.6.

    1. I am referring to Gregg Olson. Sorry for not stating that.