Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congratulations, Mister November

Though a lifelong Red Sox fan, I wish to extend my congratulations to Derek Jeter on reaching the 3,000 career hit plateau.

And here we though though Craig Biggio would be the last guy to do it with one team!

I've never liked you Derek - you beat us too often! But I've always respected you.

Well done.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

RIP, Dick Williams

I am very saddened this evening to hear about the passing of Hall of Fame Manager Dick Williams.

From the 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox, to a trio of post-Season appearacne with the 1971-'73 A's (their first since the days of Foxx, Grove, Simmons and Cochrane, I might add!) culminating in a pair of World Chapionships, to bringing the Expos to their first (and as it urned out, last) post-season appearance in 1981 and then bringing the Padres to their first post season appearance in 1984, Williams persistant focus on the development of young talent and on the importance of play samrt, fundamentally strong Baseball brough success and glory to cities that had forgotten what it felt like to win and in some case, never knew. He was a class act with a genuine love for not only the game, but of everything that made the game great. Lie your favorite teacher growing up he was tough, but he molded many a raw talent into bonafide major-leaguers of the years and he will sorely missed.

Tonight their is one less person in the world who insists on playing the game the way it was meant to played, and who truly appreciates all the small things that make it great.