Monday, January 3, 2011

2016 Tampa Bay Rays All-Time All-Stars


  1. from Hockeydad55:

    Tampa Bay: You've only got 39 players. I had Flaherty over Jasso, and Gomes over Gross. But not too difficult given their lack of history.

  2. Third Baseman Jared Sandberg was the missing guy. He's been added now. Thanks for the catch.

    Flaherty certainly has all of the other Cathcers beat when it comes to Games played. Unfortunately he also has them beat in mediocrity of play - just 0.4 WAR in FIVE YEARS. All three of the others accomplished at least five times as much in about half the time. More TB fans might REMEMBER Flaherty, due to his playing so much longer but, outisde of his 1999 season, he was basically awful.

    And the Rays are one of the two youngest teams, so yeah, they might be changing every year for the next decade or so.