Saturday, September 24, 2016

National league All-Stars Updated!

NOW we're done: The National League All-Stars Page is updated at long last!

A quick note about inclusion... In the spirit of the "All-Star Team," even though the were selected on Career WAR (total, not just with that league!) I still wanted to try to get SOME representation from each team.  As it works out, I had that with just one exception: The ROCKIES.

The Marlins had Kevin Brown, albeit on the A.L. Team and an off-roster representative in Mike Piazza. (Who's shown on the page in the Marlins uniform he wore for a whopping EIGHT DAYS in 1998. lol)

The Devil Rays had an off-roster rep in Wade Boggs (again, shown in his Devil Rays jersey, c.1998-'99.)

And the Diamondbacks had Randy Johnson (on the A.L. Team) and Curt Schilling who legitimately made the N.L. squad.

But there was a single player on either team who'd played even a single game for the Colorado Rockies. EVER. So TODD HELTON's inclusion was by far and away the least embarrassing way to remedy that.  He was the ONLY player, of the 80 on either team, that was not chosen for his WAR ranking alone.  And don't worry: He didn't knock off Willie McCovey!  The guy who was cut for Helton was Roger Connor, another dead-ball era player who I've already been told I have too many of. I disagree, but I don't suppose I'll here any complaints about this in any case.

Also, while it APPEARS that we don't have any DODGERS. (Yeah, IKR?!) That's only because Piazza is shown in his marlins jersey.  It IS a bit odd that there were any other All-Time Dodgers though. :/

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