Monday, September 19, 2016

All-Time Marlins Updated!

The All-Time Marlins Page is updated!

Just three more teams to go! (Not including the two All-Star teams.) A coupe of thoughts...

1) Looking at this team it is CRAZY how many guys went on to enjoy considerable success on other teams, (or go down as huge busts of historic proportion, like Carl Pavano!) But think about it: Beckett, Penny, Lowell, Millar, Reyes, Nen, Brown, Cabrera, Burnett, Delgado, Renteria, Uggla, Sheffield... They were either just passing guys through for a cup of coffee, or else serving as the AAA Club for the rest of the major leagues!

2) Given how weak the team has been, it should come as no surprise that there are EIGHT active  players on it. Except... EIGHT! 20% of the team! So this team is a PRIME example of why I'm not posting player and team stats until the 2016 season is over. I'm reasonably confident the rosters won't change, but obviously the stats will.

3) Another team where the new color in the lettering doesn't really work with the older uniforms. And it looked MUCH WORSE if I used that Blood-Orange color as opposed to the Electric-Blue.

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