Sunday, September 18, 2016

All-Time Mariners Updated!

The All-Time Mariners Page is updated!

I'm not happy with these cards for a couple of reasons...

1) There are not a lot of pictures out there of Mariners players prior to 1993. (In the old, blue and gold uniforms.) Consequently there are several really low pictures used here. (Bankhead, Hanson, Young... ugh.) If anyone has any better ones, I will totally use them if you send them to me!

2) The Blue-on-Teal lettering is difficult to read. At least I find it that way.

3) Just as with the Padres there was a dramatic color shift, this time from Light-Blue on Gold to Dark-Blue on Teal, and the new color lettering looks really odd over the older players and with the older logos.  I'm debating whether or not to fix this with these two teams now, or to wait and do something different in next year's set, assuming there is one.

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