Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work in Progress; All-Time Braves Updated

Well, I've updated the All-Time Braves to the 2012 All-Time Roster, using the Stats-Sharing tool from, and their new WAR formula / calculations. Please check out that page and let me know what you think.

Couple things...

1) Only Hank Aaron has a picture. Everyone will eventually, but right now it's just Hammerin' Hank. (I'll try to get at least a few more posted tonight.)

2) Personally I'm not crazy about the look / presentation. BUT it is a HELL of a lot faster than what I was doing before, and updating pages in future seasons will be a snap.  If I can clean up the format a little, make it more consistent looking, I will.

3) This format show Black Ink (Lead League, Lead Majors) but not Grey Ink (top 10.) I'm kind of miffed about that but given how much easier and faster this is, I think the trade off is worth it.

4) There were some bugs, and for some reason it wouldn't let me run a report on Chipper Jones or Warren Spahn. (You know... Nobody important. *rolls eyes* ) I've reported this to via both comments on their blog and e-mail. I'll update those guys as soon as they fix it.

5) Another bug prevented me from including any post-season stats for anyone who played only one post-season series. So quite a few of those are missing...

6) ...And the way the post season tool works, I can show career total with just one team, if their only Series of a given time was with just that one team. (Does that make sense?)  Basically, if a guy has two WS with the Braves and one with the Cardinals, I can show the two WS individually, but not his TOTALS with just the Braves. I can show the totals for ALL THREE WS, but I don't want to do that. So some guys don't have their Post Seasons TOTALS listed. (Individual series are still shown, of course, assuming the sharing tool worked.)  Again, I'll update that if adds that feature.

Other than that? I really like this tool. It's a LOT easier, and I think I'll be able to make more frequent updated moving forward using it.

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