Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, MAN!

Extremely bummed just now to hear of the passing of All-Time Red Sox Shortstop and Third-Baseman Johnny Pesky.  Pesky was one of the good guys who's contributions to the sport and the team went way beyond what he did on the field, and continued long after his paying days were over, serving the Team in just about every capacity possible.  My Grandmother got her picture taken with him in Spring Trained a couple of years ago, and he was kind enough to sign an autograph for me. (Well, for my DAD, but it was FOR me.)

This leaves Bobby Doerr as the last surviving member of the "four friends."

Man, that sucks. Oh, well. Rest in peace, Johnny.


On a different note, I've was updating the Braves when I cam across some bugs in's stats sharing tools. I've reported them and you can see them here.  (Yeah, that link is as much for my own use, so that I can check back if I don;'t hear form them.)

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