Thursday, August 16, 2012

Braves are done! (sort of)

OK. The All-Time Braves are updated.  Everyone has a picture, and everyone has the stats that I was able to get.  For some reason Chipper Jones and Warren Spahn still weren't working. (Like I said before: Nobody important.)

But I think this will be the format moving forward, warts and all.

Oh, there is one other thing...

There are a LOT of 1800's guys on the team. And that's fine, but there's juts one reliever - Rick Camp. (Who's an asshole.)  I would LOVE to find a way to put Gene Garber on the team, and given my methodology for Relievers, I would have to take Steve Bedrosian as well.  (That's assuming I'm not missing anyone, I'll have to check.)  To add both I'd have to take out Jack Stivetts and Dick Rudolph. 

I think I'm going to do that. Two well-known relievers, one a future Cy young winner (albeit with a different team) and the team's All-Time Saves Leader for 2 (of several) 1800's guys? 

Yeah... I think I'll be changing that. We'll see.

(Let me know what you think.)

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