Thursday, December 30, 2010

2016 Atlanta, Milwaukee & Boston Braves All-Time All-Stars


  1. from Hockeydad55:

    Atlanta: I didn't do pre 1900 guys, so I have some differences on all of the old NL teams. But, I understand. No glaring questions here. Horner over Elliott as third 3B was main thing I noticed. Plus no true RP's (Camp was a SP for part of his career), such as Garber or Bedrosian.

  2. Actually, Horner had the benefit of qualifying as a First Baseman as well, so he was in one of the First Basemen's slots. And with the new WAR formula, he's out now anyway, in favor of Fred Tenney. And as it turns Elliott is now IN, pushing out Rico Carty (OF) and moving Chipper Jones (3B-LF) into his Outfield spot.

    As for the Relivers, for me "true reliver" just means either more Relief Apperances than Starts. So that's Camp. Also Bedrosian was a starter for one year as well, but would still clearly qualify as a Reliver. I was bummed about Garber, but with my methodology, I would have to take (at least) Bedrosian and Ron Reed as well. And cut... Jack Stivitts, Dick Rudolph and Tim Hudson.

    You know what...? Hudson is only 1.9 WAR behind Charlier Buffington... Let me kick that around a bit. I think I'd take Bedrosian, Reed and Garber over Sivitts, Rudolph and BUFFINGTON. Hmmmm... I'll have to think about that!