Friday, October 22, 2010

2016 San Francisco and New York Giants All-Time All-Stars

Classic Giants Teams


  1. from Hockeydad55:

    San Francisco: Tough team to do. You mentioned some of the tough omissions. I did include HOF's Lindstrom, Cepeda, Kelly (close call vs W. Clark), Marquard, and even Bancroft (guys like Bancroft and Dick Bartell get hurt by being on multiple teams). Jim Barr made the team? Didn't expect that. btw, WAR not shown for Jansen.

  2. WAR added to Jansen. Thanks.

    SF/NYG, like the NYY, IS another very tough team. The Giants have a lot of Hall of Famers, both legitemate and otherwise. And their 1B is kind of like the situation in the Yankees OF: three spots for FIVE Hall of Famers: Kelly, Terry, Mize, Cepeda & McCovey, and thus no room even for a fine Ballplayer like Will Clark. (Which is another reason I originally broke up the team into All-Time NYG and All-Time SF.)

    Jim Barr suprised me as well, but there was a good five-year strecth there in which he had a low ERA and a good number of IP. I'd say that he might be slightly over-rated, but then... it's the same formula that's applied to everyone else! I figure he pitched well, but for mostly lousy teams, hence the mediocre W-L record and the fact that he's largely forgotten.