Saturday, October 8, 2016


Just a word for any current (or past) readers that have seen these posts. In addition to the "All-Time Teams" I also use this blog as a repository for my screen-captures from the Dave Koch Sports, Action! PC Baseball game, of which I am a huge fan and avid player.  If you enjoy the statistical side of ANY sport, I urge you to check out his line of simulation products.  I've only played the Baseball Sim, but I give it top marks, and have heard nothing but good things about his other products. Also, the customer service there is top-notch with Dave himself answering most inquiries within a day or two personally.

At the moment I am replaying the 1957 season running the Milwaukee Braves (who I also managed in my 1956 replay) and the Boston Red Sox (who I've now run every year since 1946.)  You can catch my posts over on the Action PC! Sports Forum under the following avatar (for this season:)

And while I will (hopefully) be posting other screen-grabs, we'll start with the standings at the end of May:

Here's a call you don't see very often...

Missed it by a few days, but here are the standings at the end of June (overlaid):

Standings at the All-Star break. A bit disappointed with my Red Sox, but my Braves have been running away with the first half.  They really caught fire after the Thompson-O'Connell-Crone for Schoendienst trade with the Giants. We haven't even missed Joe Adcock, who's been hurt for a couple of weeks now.  What will be interesting is how they'll perform after losing Bruton (the leadoff hitter) for the season until they get Adcock back, in September.

Standings at the end of July:

Standings at the end of August:

Final Standings:

World Series Game 1 - Pizzaro blew the lead and my closer, Don McMahon let in the winner with 2 out in the 10th. -_-

World Series Game 2 - McMahon blew the lead for the second straight night, gets EJECTED -_-, and Phillips IMPLODED, all in the 9th.

World Series Game 3 - Buhl gets blitzed early, and our comeback falls just short.

World Series Game 4 - Spahn turns in another solid start, and Pizzaro and McMahon make up for their crappy Game 1's.

World Series Game 5 - Burdette and Hammerin' Hank show the Yankees that we're NOT GOIN' DOWN that easy.

World Series Game 6 - Buhl turns in a sterling start, making up for HIS lousy game 3.  WE'RE. NOT. GOIN'. DOWN.

World Series Game 7 - Spahn hurls a 4-hit SHUTOUT in Game seven, for his second won, his third solid start, and the WORLD SERIES!

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